Shanghai new Bohemian people type of shopping route

Shanghai “new Bohemian people” type of shopping route

In Shanghai and living such a group of people, they have amazing ideas, but wandering in the old memory: grandmother’s trunk, old candlestick, old-fashioned neighborhood lanes and alleys, the industrial era after the Loft factory, blurred neon lights, make them crazy unceasingly. They like to wander in singular creative, the pursuit of fashion is exquisite and practical, with the modern aesthetic vision of reappearance the yellowing of s, with a kind of like inherent keen sense of smell. When you are in the city’s “hinterland” roaming around, you probably can feel and they “new Bohemian people” philosophy of life. Line 1: red fang (huaihai road) Asis Design thought is – The Wedding by La Vie – red point bookstore involved in xujiahui business district and huaihai road business district The two big fashion area aura, red fang as successor made no effort to hide their aggressive fashion one’s ability, from opening to today, has become The fashion art trend of The new habitat. This was a mixed with Shanghai collective memory and desire of place. Fifty years ago, it used to be Shanghai steel ten factory. That s, because a cold and hot rolled strip with an annual production capacity of 400000 tons of record and forging a period of brilliant time. However, in this piece was now almost forgotten people the center of the city on the land, in this place once carrying iron and steel power dream abandoned for years old workshop, because injected fresh fashionable blood and endowed with new vitality: Shanghai history, the history of industrial civilization, not only is memory, and here was a new explanation – this is the Shanghai iron and steel ten factory reconstruction and become “red fang international cultural fashion community”. In 50000 square meters of old industrial buildings, this is a cultural art and fashion life one of the new world. In the industrial age plant as a representative of modernistic style, cement, red tile, steel window, old street nameplates, low cement channel, loses the corner of the street lamp, all these make you dare not believe oneself is in the huaihai road in such business circle. The unique space structure is red fang natural capital, but the inner culture and fashion artistic conception is the red fang real temperament. Shanghai urban sculpture art center, modern art gallery and the people’s livelihood “art and design store” rich with red fang art atmosphere, brand discount store, international famous hairdressing college, the top household design shop, advanced garment specially store appear, became here and a unique landscape. Here or Shanghai world expo urban amorous feelings one of outbound routes, in world expo period, red fang 3000 square meters of big lawn will also placed two graffiti container, sell the world expo and all kinds of relevant world expo licensed merchandise.