Xinjiang KaoNang have to say story (FIG)

Xinjiang KaoNang have to say story (FIG.)

Nang, every nationality in xinjiang is one of the favorite main pasta, has two thousand years of history. Many kinds of Nang, about more than fifty. Common with meat Nang, oil Nang, nest nest Nang, sesame Nang, tablet Nang, hillman Nang, etc. According to research, “Nang” word comes from Persian, popular in the Arabian peninsula, Turkey, in Asia countries. The Nang Uighur originally called “moxa buy g”, until the Islam was introduced into xinjiang, just change called “Nang”. Nang contain water little, long storage not bad, easy to carry and suitable for the xinjiang dry climate; Together with KaoNang made careful, dainty materials, eat up fragrant crisp delicious, rich nutrition, love the people of all ethnic groups KaoNang is not surprising Nang is said to have been 2000 years of history, archaeology scholars have been at the tomb unearthed ancient Nang. KaoNang, also have their own historical stories. A long time ago, in the vast taklimakan desert edge, the herdsmen with the passing of time, nomadic clearly in the wilderness of the tarim river cross-strait. Sometimes a little out of the ten days and a half months,, in about a year, had to take on the solid food. Often dry tarim river can not provide enough for nomadic water, no after two days, on the solid food hard like the gobi desert on the stone, and dry and hard, have a bite on the front teeth straight at Mars. One day, the sun came out just like a fire, there was no wind. Some like cloud not cloud, like a fog non fog dust, low to float in the air, smoke people body of each drop of sweat, the air filled with the sounds of wool was scorched taste. At this time, eat grass sheep learned to dig a hole, head into the ground, but still bleat incessantly. The shepherd’s the sun heats up flood and take oil, it can’t take it anymore, he threw down the flock, breath ran back to dozens of miles of home. Spit’s flood plunge into the bucket, out a lindsey cold, head of water immediately into steam. He suddenly found that his wife in the bowl of a piece of dough, desperate to catch up, like wearing felt as solid button on the head. The dough a bit cool, comfortable pole. At this moment, he remembered the cast outside flocks. The sun is still burning, spit upon crack’s flood land take up dust, walked towards the flock. Walk, he smelled strands of fragrance. He left see right to see, not law concering. He trot, fragrance but not depart from behind. A little while, feet was a Philippine root mix for a moment, before falling, head down the dough to the ground and it went to pieces. Fragrance is more and more strong, was full of to and fro and around. Spit’s flood conveniently pick up the broken pieces of bread together, into his mouth carefully taste, outside the coke tender, fragrant crisp delicious, very delicious. “Dong da in da… dong da……” Spit’s flood hum the drums, and chew side take off qiapan, the broken pieces of bread wrapped up, run ran back to the village. Along the way, he saw people on a piece of broken, and the somebody else say “delicious delicious delicious”, then move on. Don’t know heard for many times “delicious food is really good,” vomit’s flood confirm it is delicious. The fragrance taste herdsmen brothers learned that context have to follow. So good things new process must have a name? To distinguish all kinds of cake class, vomit, the flood everyone summoned to together, two heads are better than one. Want to want to go, or he proposed said: “call it” Nang ‘!” Day every day is not clear, have no the sun of the cloudy day, or a heavy snow in winter, people eat less than Nang, was particularly uncomfortable. Spit’s flood think over and over, want to go to a good idea. He in your garden, dig a pit, with yellow walls with reality, and in the middle burn up Philippine root, such as red coals, and the good dough posted on the walls, in a while Nang sweet 4 excessive, “surface balm brittle new furnace” taste KaoNang than natural sun cooked the better. From then on, xinjiang’s uighurs cannot leave the Nang. In some cases, Nang also express a special meaning. For example, drop on the floor Nang dreg to conveniently pick up on high, and let the birds to eat; And for example, wedding, the bride and groom will eat Jiao the saltwater Nang, symbolizing the share each other’s fortunes, live to old age in conjugal bliss.